Marie Yovanovitch: Armenia Should Rely On All Its Talents, Including Women

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yovanovitch Marie Yovanovitch: Armenia Should Rely On All Its Talents, Including WomenBy Tigran Matosyan
YEREVAN, May 18 – More than 150 women leaders representing different NGOs, Governmental bodies, scientific and political parties, are participating in the two-day conference launched in Yerevan on May 18. The conference is organized with the help of the U.S. National Democratic Institute (NDI) and USAID, the British Embassy and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

According to the USAID, the goal of the conference, which has the title of “To encourage the political participation of women in Armenia. Women’s National Conference and concept,” is aimed to invite greater attention to women’s issues and to promote their representation and participation in the political life of the Republic of Armenia.
The forum was launched by the speeches of famous female politicians from the U.S. and Europe.

The guests included U.S. Ambassador Marie L. Yovanovitch, Marilyn Franke (USA representative of the UN “Women’s Status” Committee), Ambassador of Sweden in the Republic of Armenia Diana Yansen (residence in Tbilisi), former Ambassador of Macedonia, Albania Blagorodna Mingova Krepieva, the permanent representative of the UNDP in Armenia Dafina Gercheva, Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan and the British Ambassador in the Republic of Armenia Charles Lonsdale.

Top Governmental officials of the Republic of Armenia and local representatives of international organizations also attended the event. In her opening speech, the Ambassador Yovanovitch stressed that Armenia should rely on all its talents, including women to realize its full potential.

During the conference the women participants were divided into small working groups to develop the concept, which will include the numerations of women’s problems and their solution proposals.

The conference discussions also included such topics as coalition formation, promotion of gender equality in different areas and parties, as well as the support of male politicians and public encouragement for the expansion of women’s political rights in the Republic of Armenia.

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