Four Armenian Genocide Survivors Tell Their Survival Stories

By in Social on March 29, 2012

four armenian genocide survivors tell their survival stories Four Armenian Genocide Survivors Tell Their Survival StoriesBy Adonia Agayan

YEREVAN, March 29 – On April 22 thousands of Armenians and Jews will gather in Times Square in New York to pay tribute to Armenian Genocide and Holocaust victims.

Four women who outlived the genocide agreed to recount their survival stories in regard to the 97th anniversary of those tragic events. They were interviewed at the New York Armenian Home. During the interview the genocide survivors told about the horrible pain they had to go through.

On March 25 102 year old Piruza Kalusdinyan who was born in 1909 in Kharberd region, Arshaluys Dadir, whose father was killed by Young Turks when she was two, 99 year old Charlotte Kechejian and 101 year old Azniv Giragosian born in 1910 told their survival stories.

“With every other year the number of genocide survivors decreases. The fact that until this day at such a ripe old age they still remember what they went through stands as a proof of the profound impact all that had on them,” said Dr. Dennis R. Papazian, Professor Emeritus (Retire) and founding director of the Armenian Research Center at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

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